About Us

Shri Grihalakshmi Traders has in store artefacts for doing your Pooja in a more decorative and aesthetic manner like the different kinds of lamps and urulis where the atmosphere of the place can be transformed in a heavenly way. 

Shri Grihalakshmi Traders provides support in providing Seer plates for weddings, betrothal functions. You can also shop for return gifts catering to your budget. Shri Grihalakshmi Traders also provides the necessary items for Sumangali Prarthanai, some household functions like Seemanthan or Baby Shower and Ayush Homams. 

A simple mana palagai can be made decorative, antique holders like wooden small boxes to keep the idols to big trunks to hold your precious things, can be made colourful and decorative. 

Stepping back to yester days, one can have lovely aromatic coffee from our brass coffee filters in a traditional brass tumbler and dhabra to begin the day. 

With meenakari set for tulasi puja, to lovely agarbathis stands with bright ever shining german silver set for puja, one can feel blessed to begin their day with a smile. 

We are located at Shop No.2, Chander Plaza, 48, Arcot Road, Saligrammam, Chennai. Do visit us to shop our collection or shop online at www.shrigrihalakshmi.com 


Striving to do our little part to keep Indian traditions and culture alive!